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with your content please feel free to promote my e-book. Encouraging and uplifting accounts are few and far between on the Internet and there are many people, like I was myself, hungry for positive information from a personal source.

Additionally, you are also welcome to become an affiliate if you are an Affiliate Marketer who promotes
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 'My Brain Tumour' E-book - One Womans Uplifting Story just $27

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     Suggested Subject Line  
{Firstname},  My Brain Tumor - One Woman’s Uplifting Story

E-mail Message
I would like to share with you a really positive e-book I found recently. It is so rare in such
a serious field of medical diagnosis to come across such an uplifting account of one woman’s
experience having been told the earth shattering news that she has a brain tumor.

Lynda, the author and subject of this e-book relates how emotional her ordeal was from
the onset of brain tumour symptoms to diagnosis through to recuperation and full health. It
is a true account of the ups and downs anyone in this position would feel and is written
with encouragement and wit.

The thing that stood out for me was the fact that when Lynda was diagnosed with a
benign brain tumor and feeling at her most scared and despondent point, she could not
find any personal accounts on the Internet to give her any encouragement. She could
find plenty of accounts, that, sad as they are, reported doom and gloom but none that
gave her courage or answered any questions of what was ahead of her.

Well she has addressed the balance in my opinion. In this honest and often funny account,
Lynda covers everything from brain tumor Symptoms, Diagnosis, Emotions, Hospital tests,
MRI, Surgery and through to her recuperation. It isn't all about her though - she relates how
it affected everyone around her including family and friends and includes their version of

I thought I would send you this email as it may be of interest to you. The book also includes
details of other brain tumor support websites where you can obtain further information and a
really helpful list of questions when dealing with medical teams.

Overall though, it brought a smile to my face because it had a positive outcome and is truly
an uplifting story of brain tumor survival.

Have a look for yourself on the link below. It costs very little and a proportion is donated to
Brain Tumor Research:


I hope the brain tumour e-book brings a smile to your face as it did to mine.


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Line Signature 1

Read about one womans uplifting account of how she
dealt with being diagnosed with a Brain Tumour.

Line Signature 2

I've just read this E-book. Inspirational, witty and an all round
uplifting account of a woman who had a brain tumor.

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One of the best ways to maintain regular levels of traffic to your website if through writing and
posting articles online.

I have provided an article that I have written below that has just the right keywords to be picked up
by the search engines. Please feel free to cut and paste the article as it is or re-write the text as
you deem appropriate.

Suggested Subject Line:  
“My Brain Tumor” – One Woman’s Uplifting Story

It gives the body a warm glow to read about someone coming through a time of turmoil and trial
doesn’t it? Every one of us dreads being given news of something horrendous happening to us
medically and I would be no exception. I don’t want to be diagnosed with a brain tumour or any
threatening symptom or, in fact, to receive the news that one of my loved ones has received
news, but none of us know what is around the next corner however hard we strive to keep
and follow what the doctors and health experts recommend we do.

I read, with interest, this e-book entitled ‘My Brain Tumour’ because it promised an uplifting
account of one woman’s experience with a positive outcome and that is just what I received.
The author certainly doesn’t make light of the situation and details her roller coaster of emotions
as she comes to terms with the diagnosis of a benign brain tumor and invasive surgery to put her
on the road to recovery.

What is refreshing though is how she stresses throughout that although it is a very scary ordeal,
it need not be all doom and gloom. The e-book is written in a daily diary format of events from
the onset of brain tumor symptoms through diagnosis, tests, surgery and recovery. It relates how
family and friends react in a situation such as this and incorporates a large dose of humour that
manages to make you break into a smile on many occasions throughout.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is a nightmare and would turn anyone’s world upside down.
It is both scary and worrying for the person diagnosed and their family and friends and of that I
have no doubt but there are not enough happy endings out there in print. Maybe that is because
those who survive are so happy to be alive that they do not have time to put pen to paper to
address the balance.

If you are desperately searching for answers having recently been told that either you or
someone very close to you has a benign meningioma tumor I highly recommend this uplifting
account. The purpose of the book is to share an experience and will certainly help you
understand the emotions, shock and terror that such news brings. It is an encouraging account
and shows that there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

The author acknowledges from her own plight that there are a myriad of places on the internet
with information. Some of it is informative, if you have a medical degree and some of it can be
very discouraging and could bring you to an all time low. Included in the book is a very helpful
resource page that may assist you in your quest for information about brain tumors, together
with links to other stories from meningioma survivors.

It is currently available at:

http://Aff you may want to head on over there now and take a look. It's in a very easily readable
format and is available for immediate download to your computer.

I really hope that by reading this book, whether you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour
or whether you are a family member or friend, it will give you a small window in to the world of
someone else who has been in a similar situation and an insight into what to expect and how
everyone around you is going to feel.

I wish you all you wish for yourselves,


Be sure to Replace the "Aff ID" with your Clickbank Affiliate ID where indicated above as well as add
YOUR NAME at the bottom when copy and pasting.

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