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"Have You Or Someone Close To You Just Been Given The Devastating News That Doctors Have Found A BRAIN TUMOUR?"

My very happy world was hit by a thunderbolt on 14th July 2006 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I had a Benign Meningioma! It was surgically removed on 19th July and I was back in my own home on 29th July, relieved that I had made it through safely, thankful for a second chance and wondering what all the initial fuss was about.

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Hi - I'm Lynda,

If you are interested in finding out how I coped with the news and how I made it through, I invite you to join me on my emotional journey of shock, anxiety, sadness and elation in my e-book called, "My Brain Tumour." It covers everything that happened to me from: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Emotions, Hospital Tests, MRI, Surgery and Recuperation.

You will discover that you are not alone with your fears and anxieties. Some of the many questions that are cramming your head could be answered right here and now. I spent hour upon hour scouring the Internet for information on Brain Tumors and scared myself silly reading depressing stories and outcomes.

At the point of being told you have a brain tumor the news is an incredible shock. I felt it necessary to help balance the level of information available by relating my experience which has a positive outcome and which I hope you will find an uplifting account. The second purpose of writing this e-book was therapy for myself and to help in a small way to raise funds for research into this intriguing condition.

This e-book will give you some idea of the emotional roller coaster that I experienced and that you will no doubt encounter. I give an account of my hospital stay and treatment in a daily diary format so you can follow my progress from shock horror to jubilation. 

You will also find a list of:

      And .... as you are probably not thinking too straight at the moment ......

       If it helps in any way to make you feel a little less stressed and feel more assured and encouraged knowing that someone else experienced exactly the same anxieties and worries that you have right now and came through it with flying colours, then it serves its purpose. A brain tumor can be a life threatening condition and it would be crass of me to make you believe otherwise but the outcome is not always doom and gloom.

Read my story of how I coped with the news and made it through safely, thankful for a second chance.


Simply because you or someone close to you may have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor, that is Operable. You are scared, have many questions and you are not sure what is going to happen next.   My e-book is a personal account of my diagnosis and treatment and covers everything that happened to me from: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Emotions, Hospital Tests, MRI, Surgery and Recuperation.

       Being diagnosed with a brain tumor is a nightmare. It turns your world upside down and is both scary and worrying for both the victim and their family. I use the word ‘victim’, because that’s how I felt at the time and I hope that by reading my story it will help you in coming to terms with your own situation.

meningioma diagnosis

  Extracts from "My Brain Tumour"

'After waking up one morning in mid June, I stretched as you do at the start of a new day and during this
stretch my lower leg started to kick involuntarily.....So, what was all that about? I thought I may have
trapped a nerve in my back or hip. Now why I thought that I have no idea. I have no medical training! It
just seemed like a plausible explanation at the time'.

'We are asked to take a seat in reception and after a short wait the Radiologist approaches us with the
envelope containing my MRI images. He smiles a welcome, then he hesitates, looking a little unsure of
himself. As he is just about to hand them over to me he says, "No, can I ask you to come into my office

'I do not feel ill, I have no headaches or any pain but right at this moment I was scared for my life because I
knew he was speaking to me and I couldn't understand how this could be happening'.

You can be reading this e-book in as little as 5 minutes from now!

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Lynda Carter
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